How to protect your home from robbers and intruders

How to protect your home from robbers and    intruders

In the United States, there are around 2 million home burglaries that get reported each year. No less than 66% are reported to be residential break-ins, while 30% are reported where intruders entered a house through an open door or window.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reported that burglary is the most common crime, where one happens every 13 seconds. Houses without security systems in place are 300% likely to be broken into. Unfortunately, only 17% of homes have security systems in place.

Sounds disturbing right? But don’t worry because there are ways to protect your home and say goodbye to the idea of looking for a real estate agent who tells you we buy houses for cash.

Make break-ins difficult

Reinforce entry points by using solid core or metal doors. Use high quality heavy-duty knob-in-latch sets for your main doors to avoid easy access by intruders. You can also install a one-inch deadbolt to avoid doors from opening when pressure such as a kick or body ram is applied.

Security experts believe that a difficult house to break into deters criminals from spending too much time breaking in.

Install security systems

You can install motions sensor alarms around the house to detect movement from the outside. Another good idea is to set-up motion-sensing floodlights.

Closed-circuit or Indoor IP cameras can also help you monitor your home while you are out on vacation or away for days. This can be attached to your security network to alert the police or security force in your community.

Make your house visible

Remove hedges or bushes that could hide your house from the street. It would also be advisable to make friends with your neighbours who you can request to check on your house from time to time.

Always leave some lights on during nighttime and make as much movement as possible to mislead burglars into thinking that nobody’s home.

If you are planning to buy a house in Virginia Beach or anywhere else, try to look for one where there are good vehicle and foot traffic. This makes it more difficult for burglars to conduct surveillance activities on your house without getting noticed.